RM Training offers any kind of training services

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RM Training offers any kind of training services for Sulzer, Wärtsilä und WinGD products with focus on 2-stroke engines like:
  • RTA and older engines, 2-stroke and 4-stroke
  • RT-flex (WECS) (all RT-flex plus X82 and X92)
  • W-X (UNIC) (X35 and X40 / X52, X62 and X72)
  • X-DF (UNIC) (RT-flex50DF, X52DF, X62DF, X72DF and X82DF)
  • X92DF (WiCE)

These trainings are available in different levels, face-to-face or virtual:

  • general technical information for new employees of Wärtsilä and WinGD
  • info-sessions as sales support in offering status
  • basic trainings for crews and office personnel
  • operation & practical trainings for crews and superintendents
  • advanced trainings for crews
  • specialised trainings for sales organisations of Wärtsilä and WinGD
  • specialised trainings for vendors, classification, coast guard, etc.
  • specialised trainings for cadets of marine schools
  • full mission simulations

The kind of engine training provided depends on the training location and its equipment available.

Introduction and info sessions can also be provided as virtual class room.